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UKCreative Podcast: Episode 001 : Lou Murrall : Shooting Under Covid 19 & The Future:

Coming months on from being locked-down in the UK thanks to Coronavirus, productions are starting to start up again. In this episode, Director of Photography Lou Murrall (Birmingham) talks to us about the process of shooting on set during a lightened lockdown and how he thinks it'll change the future of video production.

UK Creative host, Andy (also known as Elvis), discusses with Lou about the ever changing landscape of technology for us as shooters, covering new technologies such as LED lighting, new camera tech and how these will allow for more creativity moving into the future of filmmaking.

In This Episode:

🎥.  - Intro (00:00) 

🎥. - The Effects of Covid-19 in our industry (01:54)

🎥. - Community Based filmmaking projects (07:10)

🎥. - Artlist.IO (Affiliate) (18:41)

🎥. - Shooting Socially Distant Commercials (19:54)

🎥. - The Future - Shooting on set (26:43)

🎥. - Kit Talk ft. Red Komodo (32:40) 

🎥. - Sign Off (41:55)

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Today's guest:

Lou Murrall : @loumurrall

Today's Host:

Andy / Elvis McGovern : @andy_elvis

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